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‘Blob’s Adventure’ Creator Releases ‘Wings of Vi’ Demo

Wings of Li
An alpha demo of Wings of Vi from Solgryn, the creator of Blob’s Adventure, was recently released on The Daily Click after having apparently been totally rebuilt since its beta release back in August of last year.

Playing as the angel Vi, this platform game is apparently influenced by games such as the Castlevania and Mega Man series, as well as indie classics such as I Wanna Be the Guy and Cave Story.

Solgryn’s presence on The Daily Click — one of the oldest indie communities where members can upload their own games — has generally been a highlight of the website as his games have so far been entertaining and¬†occasionally¬†regarded as some of the more entertaining Game Maker-based games.

The game is still in production and Solgryn warns that the final game is likely to look entirely different, but if you’re interested in moderately well-polished, decent platform games then it’s worth playing to see if you’d want to keep your eye open for the game’s final release. I’m always a fan of decent platformers, regardless of how many I’ve played or whether they bring anything new to the table or not.

Download the 22MB game for Windows here.


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One comment on “‘Blob’s Adventure’ Creator Releases ‘Wings of Vi’ Demo

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