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Indie Game of the Day: Down Goes the Phoenix

Down Goes the Phoenix
Created in 48 hours for the SPJam in 2011 by Studio MiniBoss┬áin C++11, ‘Down Goes the Phoenix’ is a horizontal scrolling shoot ’em up game in which you play as a phoenix. For a game made in such a short period of time, it looks really quite polished and beautiful – it’s almost worth playing on aesthetics alone.

Gameplay is similar to any typical shoot ’em up, other than that a bar on the bottom of the screen fills as the game progresses, causing your phoenix character to grow during the level. When the bar is full, your phoenix is now mature and can reincarnate — doing so resets your bar and power-ups but increases your score multiplier, kills all enemies on screen and eliminates the growing fog that obstructs the screen.

As an arcade game, the only aim of the game is to try achieving a high score, so unless you’re a score junkie then the game doesn’t have much replayability, but the game is genuinely attractive enough to download regardless.

Check out a gameplay video below and download the 13.9 MB game here for Windows.


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