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Indie Game of the Day: Glace

It’s incredibly difficult to explain my disdain for Glace not being as popular as it deserves to be, as even on the indie scene it didn’t seem to grab a lot of attention. I’ve never been able to understand why this is, because this platformer released around 2004 and developed by Tommy Visic is colourful (and I love colourful games), charming, simple and it just seems to hold everything you would want in a decent platformer.

The only thing I can put it down to is possibly that the game is not especially difficult, the levels are fairly long (and thus potentially tedious, I suppose) and that people can get quite antsy about a platformer feeling ‘typical’. But you know what? I hold a great sum of indie games on my computer (and I do mean a great sum) and yet I still likely regard Glace as one of my favourite indie games of all-time.

Glace is just so damn charming. Like, the game literally oozes with charm. It’s got interesting characters, catchy music, it’s fairly long (12 lengthy levels with boss battles), you shoot out bead bean thingies that come back to you like boomerangs and it’s got replayability as there are unlockable costumes for Glace. Sure, the game was seemingly designed to be appropriate for kids to play, but I can’t help but be sucked in by its charm.

If you have a bad word to say about Glace, then maybe you just need to relax, stop being so critical and appreciate it for the little charming game that it is.

Download the 4.8MB game for Windows here.


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