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Ghost in the Shell Online Game Announced Alongside Anime Prequel

Ghost in the Shell Arise

An event held today officially announced a new four-parted prequel series for popular anime Ghost in the Shell. Titled ‘Ghost in the Shell: Arise’, the prequel will focus on Major Motoko Kusanagi’s career before her role at Public Security Section 9.

Alongside the announcement of the new series was the reveal of a videogame for PC estimated for 2014 and developed by Nexon (the team behind Maple Story), dubbed as ‘a hacking first-person shooter’ and featuring the Tachikoma spider-tanks as AI partners. Peculiarly, the game’s title is ‘Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Online’, meaning that the game is based on the old anime series as opposed to the just-announced one. Still, I’m sure this will be pleasant news for all Ghost in the Shell fans all the same.

Source: Destructoid


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