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Indie Game of the Day: From Primordial Egg

From Primordial Egg

Released in 2008 by TIGsource forum member Fifth for the Commonplace Book competition, From Primordial Egg is one of only a handful of indie games that I can play repeatedly without it growing tedious.

In ‘From Primordial Egg’, you begin the game as an egg before hatching as a small red dinosaur. As you progress through the game’s screens kicking and biting your way through explorers, if you stop to munch on the bodies of those you have brutally murdered you’ll eventually grow or upgrade in some form or another.

I’ve always enjoyed games that have some form of upgrade system, especially these sort of ‘eat and grow’ games. It’s hard to explain their attraction; perhaps it’s as they give you a sense of false accomplishment. Even without this element, this well-polished pixel-art game would be a joy, but the upgrade element does truly make it. You find yourself continuing playing just so your dinosaur friend upgrades one last time, then you’ll promise yourself you’ll turn it off right before you carry on playing to see the next upgrade of the dinosaur again.

Gosh darn you, beautiful and addictive game!

Download the 1.9 MB game for Windows here.


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