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Indie Game of the Day: Roly Poly Pumpkin and the Totem of Mystery

Roly Poly Pumpkin and the Totem of Mystery
Originally released by The Daily Click user ‘Ski’ in 2008, the comment section of ‘Roly Poly Pumpkin and the Totem of Mystery’ lit up with debate as to whether this game is really a game.

A short, cutesy Halloween-orientated game developed by someone who self-proclaims not to be a programmer, the aim of the game is simply exploration; in fact, the world is incredibly small and the game shouldn’t last anything more than twenty minutes at best. As a cute lil’ pumpkin who can only roll left or right and jump, you’ll unlock certain events as you roll around the hills, unlocking one of four totem pole pieces as you do so.

To be honest, I did at times unlock a piece and ¬†be unable to replicate it as I wasn’t entirely sure what it was that I did, but y’know what? This game seemingly influenced by PSP title Loco Roco is happy, bubbly, colourful, cute and charming and if that’s not enough to make a game beautiful and interesting then you and I hold very different meanings of the term ‘game’.

And it has one of the best damned catchiest tunes in any indie game I’ve ever played. So that helps.

Download it for 23.1 MB on Windows here.


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