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Dance Dance Revolution on iOS

Well, it’s about damn time.

As a lover of rhythm games, Dance Dance Revolution is at the top of the pile for me. I still frequently play Stepmania or the Dance Dance Revolution Euromix 2 arcade cabinet at my local bowling alley among friends — which is the best one in my opinion. If I say so myself, I’ve become moderately good at it over the years of occasional play too.

I had always questioned why iOS lacked an official DDR app when there’s so many clones of the game on the App Store. A game like this really works on touch-screen devices; not as well as the usual foot-playing method of course, but at least as well as a keyboard and certainly better than a standard controller.

It’s all well and good then that Konami have brought out new DDR game Dance Dance Revolution Dance Wars to iOS on Feb 14th as a free-to-play game with micro-transactions. Unsure if the song-list will be any good at all currently, but it’s good to know there’ll be an official DDR game on the devices.

Source: Destructoid


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One comment on “Dance Dance Revolution on iOS

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