Is Dino Crisis Ever Going to Return?

Dino CrisisDino Crisis is fantastic and the series is one of my favourite series of all-time.

There, I said it. The first game is often cited as a Resident Evil rip-off and the second is often called a bit silly, but then I remember that this game has dinosaurs and that makes your point invalid. Sort of.

To pretend the Xbox-exclusive Dino Crisis 3 game didn’t kill off the franchise would be lying. I haven’t played it personally, but reviews were poor, the game became convoluted and had little connection to the rest of the series (cliffhangers from Dino Crisis 2 were just left alone) and the dinosaurs weren’t really dinosaurs — they were space cyborg artificial dinosaur… things.

As a child, Dino Crisis 2 was one of my favourite games of all-time. Frankly, it still is. It sparked my childhood interest in dinosaurs off and was, for a a long time, my absolute favourite game. There’s just something about it that got me. I played the sequel before playing the original game (which is unusual for me as doing that bugs me) and although the original game felt like the ol’ Resident Evil games I grew up with at the time, the sequel felt like something different and something amazing. I still enjoy picking it up from time-to-time and speed-running the game just because I can and for nostalgic reasons, even if the game hasn’t held up astoundingly well to the test of time.

Dino Crisis reboot

But the game feeling outdated is a sign; a sign that the series needs a new breath of life. What with retro revivals and ports being common these days, a port (or souped up version of) the two games would be neat in itself and not out of the question, but what I really crave is a bloody sequel. I want a current or next-gen Dino Crisis game that I can really indulge myself in and I preferably want it to hold similar a gameplay experience and feel to Dino Crisis 2, included the series’ previous characters and continuing on with story. Or just a reboot of the damned thing, of course.

Dinosaur games haven’t really been around this generation anyway, other than the average 2008 reboot of Turok. Capcom should absolutely invest some time and money in reviving some of their old franchises (Onimusha, anyone?) and I would stick Dino Crisis at the top of that list.

How likely is it ever to happen though? Even with retro revivals being an in-thing to do, Capcom doesn’t sound too sure. What with Dino Crisis 3 being such a flop, they may just not think it’s worth the risk. In an interview, Resident Evil Revelations producer Masachika Kawata said that although Capcom does not shy away from older IPs, he thought it was more important to focus on new ones and move on.

Interestingly, Capcom last year posted a public survey asking which old franchises they should bring to a digital game space, meaning if they ever did consider a Dino Crisis revival it would probably be through digital means — which is fine; you wouldn’t expect them to take such a large risk in retailing it if they largely expected it’d flop. With the next-generation PlayStation coming our way, I’d like to dream that I’ll one day see a new Dino Crisis game I can dig my teeth into.



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8 comments on “Is Dino Crisis Ever Going to Return?

  1. ‘Retro revivals’ may be the in thing in gaming right now but that’s only going so far back as the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era. There are no souped up re-released PS1 games, sadly. Something about the way they’re made making it too cost worthy to go back and redo the graphics.
    Which sucks, because Dino Crisis 2 was one of the best games of the PS1 era and I also go back and enjoy it nostalgically from time to time.
    It is odd, isn’t it, that there are no Dino games of the current gen. Besides the odd crappy Jurassic Park game I guess. I think people are really craving some Dino action in games right now and it’s surprising there isn’t a company capitalizing on that. Imagine a Far Cry style world with a T-Rex stalking you through the jungles. Heavenly concept.
    Cool article bro.

  2. I knew that I wasnt the only one who loved this game.. I played this a long time ago and loved it then when part 3 came out CAPCOM MESSED UP THIS NICE GAME…. I think after bringing out that huge load of crap called Dino Crisis 3 they probaly didnt want to show this game again… LOL

    • Of course I love Dino Crisis!

      I wisely just avoided Dino Crisis 3 when I saw how silly it was shaping up to be, so to be honest I’ve not actually played it myself.

      A complete series reboot seems the only option if Capcom are ever to bring the series back; the third game was so damaging to the franchise that making another numbered title only acknowledges that the third game was canonical. It’s hard to forget about the game if a new game is numbered after it — plus, of course, it’s a relatively niche title nowadays so it needs to be accessible to a newer audience alongside those of us who are already aware of it.

  3. well basically I havent seen this game in so long but when I played it the first time I felt like I was trying to survive a dino rampage. thats a good thing. ofcourse this story could have made even more money for capcom.

  4. Ill tell you this I think the series has to be completely restored and reinvented. I mean from way back in part one. It should be remade for the next-generation. like PS4 cause they wasted the life spand of the PS3 doing Resident Evil 5 and 6… if Dino Crisis has to come back it must be with mind blowing graphics that wont be beat for another generation.. that way it will be respected in the way it should have been all along.

  5. This is one of the best games on PS One. I play it from time to time and absolutely love it 🙂

  6. I’d love to see a new game,I have finished the second one about a dozen times and despite it apparently being ‘poor’,I finished,and enjoyed the third one,still haven’t finished the first one though as I got it on Dreamcast!

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