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Rayman Legends Delay Actually a Good Thing…?

Rayman Legends delay

The Rayman Legends delay was likely implemented so that the game is launched across Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 simultaneously and despite how understandably upset Wii U owners may be about that, it’s probably a good thing. As well as obviously meaning a multi-platform release, the delay has actually done us patient folk some more good.

The developers are planning to add some new content to the game during the delay period – including more characters, bosses, levels and more, meaning that the delay actually gives us a longer, better, more complete game.

This basically makes the delay worth it in my opinion, especially when taking into account that Wii U owners will get a free, separate ‘Challenge Mode’ available for download some time in April as a sort-of apology for the delay and non-exclusivity.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine (UK)


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