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Groove Coaster: One of the Greatest Arcade Games of All-Time?

Groove Coaster arcade
As was well-expected, the popular iOS game Groove Coaster (from the creators of Space Invaders Infinity Gene) coming to arcade machines in Japan by the end of the year (with no international confirmed release, unfortunately) was shown off at the Japan Amusement Expo on the weekend.

Instead of using a touchscreen like the normal rhythm-action, slightly-mental but brilliant mobile game, the arcade machine has two ‘BOOSTER’ pieces attached that you press down in sync to the game’s levels, according to the beat of the obscure but catchy Japanese tunes that play in the background.

Groove CoasterTaito promises that the arcade game plays very differently from other music games and the existing Groove Coaster games and you know what? I believe them. Having played the original iOS game, I can assure you that it’s one of the best rhythm games out there on the market and certainly my favourite mobile rhythm game (yes, even more-so than the beautiful Beat Sneak Bandit and the great-looking upcoming DDR game).

The music is fantastic, the game is fantastic and the arcade cabinet that Kotaku has managed to try out looks fantastic. I would simply die to have one of these cabinets come to the UK because it seems simply brilliant and right up my street.

Check out Kotaku trying it out here and just pray that it comes to you if you enjoy good rhythm games.

Source: Kotaku


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