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The PlayStation 4: Confirmed and Detailed

Feb 20th 2013
In news that we all anticipated tonight during Sony’s conference, the PlayStation 4 has indeed been announced and is officially, actually, finally happening with a release date of Holiday 2013.

In the epic-feeling PlayStation conference, Sony confirmed the PlayStation 4 but unfortunately fell short of specifics like a price-point and backwards-compatibility options, even going so far as to not show a picture of the console itself. The controller was shown off however — the DualShock 4 sports a front touch-pad  a share button, a speaker and headset jack, a light bar to identify player number, re-designed buttons and analog sticks as well as a currently mostly undetailed stereo camera peripheral. The console will also be Move compatible.

PS4 DualShock 4

The PlayStations 4 is set to have an eight-core CPU, running on the X86 architecture with an enhanced PC GPU, with 8GB of high-capacity memory. Using GDDR5 memory, the PS4 iS capable of producing more than one million movable objects on screen at a time. Long-gone are the days of killing an enemy and having their corpse slowly fade out of existence in order to save memory!

Downloadable titles can now be played whilst they’re downloading, with a secondary chip allowing uploads and downloads to occur even with the console turned off. As a console focusing on social interactivity, the PS4’s share button will allow gamers to upload gameplay video online, provide live-stream gameplay and a ‘jump-in’ feature to allow friends to take control of the game to assist players that are stuck. The system will slowly adapt to each individual’s tastes and cater for it, with social aspects of the console accessible on smartphones and tablets — as well as a remote play option for the console using the PlayStation Vita.

As was expected, Gaikai’s cloud gaming features will be utilized on the PlayStation 4 — allowing gamers to play streaming demos of game from the Store before deciding to buy it.

Confirming that virtually every major third-party game developer and publisher plans on collaborating with Sony on the PlayStation 4 (as well as plenty of small independent game support), the console is set to likely have a long string of launch titles from various companies.

With the console expected now to be ‘properly’ unveiled at this year’s E3 event, the optimist in me likes to think that Sony have left us with something to see still at their E3 conference. The pessimist in me wonders why the first we’ll be seeing of a console released in November/December will be in June.


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