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‘Hell Yeah!’ Developers Arkedo Studios Disbanding

Arkedo Studios
Bad news today with the creators of the vibrant, colourful, charming games Hell Yeah! and the Arkedo Series mini-games officially declaring its disbandment.

With two self-funded small games lined up after Hell Yeah!, the company apparently have no other games in the line, deciding to disband the team so that they leave on good financial terms. The last two Arkedo games are set to be released ‘soon’, with Arkedo Studios co-founders planning on their own side projects in the near future.

This is a right shame for me personally, as I viewed Arkedo Studios as one of the more interesting game developers out there with their beautiful-looking charming games. Games these days have become too set on photorealistic, frankly dull looking graphics as opposed to bright, attractive graphics.

Source: Joystiq


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