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Wii Mini Comes to the UK on March 22nd

Wii Mini UKOriginally Canada-exclusive and selling at $99.99, Nintendo has announced that the dumbed-down but pretty looking Wii Mini will be launching in the UK for March 22nd, despite previously stating having no plans to do so.

With a price point as-of-yet undecided (though I anticipate it to be roughly £90 – £100) and currently only coming in red, I’d actually not be surprised if this ended up selling more than the troubled Wii U is in the UK at the moment — even if it is just a prettier original Wii lacking GameCube game support, internet and an SD card slot. With the Canadian release and now a UK release, it could even very well be that Nintendo are testing smaller markets before deciding to release it in other regions.

I mean… look at it. Even those of us with working Wii’s or Wii U’s may be tempted just because it does look really, really nice.

Source: The Verge


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