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SpikeDislike2 Gains Apple Approval, Coming March 5th

SpikeDislike2You’re a bouncing ball. You dislike spikes. Bing-bang-boom, we have a game!

That’s the basic premise of the iOS game SpikeDislike by Jayenkai (the guy that makes a game a week) wherein you control a ball bouncing to the right of the screen, attempting to dodge the passing spikes and rack up combos in the process. It sounds simple and frankly, that’s because it is. But this level of simplicity makes for fun, accessible, score-stacking games alike Canabalt¬†and its fared very well for the game, as even with all of its simplicity it was darned fun. That’s right — darned fun!

With new gameplay styles, new themes and generally improved playability, sequel SpikeDislike2 has gained Apple approval, meaning plans for a March 5th release can now go ahead.

Catch the trailer for the game below and keep in mind that its addictive-ness may not completely come across without playing it yourself.



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