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This Portal Bathroom Doesn’t Hate You

Portal shower curtainLet’s not kid ourselves, we all wish we had a Wheatley that could watch us shower.

That’s probably why cartoonist, blogger and avid vintage video game/video game memorabilia collector Stephen Lester, on a mission to deck out his entire home with game goodies, has transformed his guest bathroom into that of a Portal-themed one.

Including inflatable Wheatley and turrets, various turret figurines, a Cave Johnson portrait, Portal colour-coded room, switches and towels and a Companion Cube, this is the sort of room that makes you wish you were a guest at this guy’s home needing to poop. Any room that makes someone want to poop in it is a damn fine room indeed.

Check the gallery below for all the shots of this divine bathroom.

Source: Kotaku


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