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Does the World Really Need a ‘Minecraft 2’?

Minecraft 2Look around the internet and you’ll find various pictures and fan-created trailers of their vision of how a Minecraft sequel should look, should it ever happen. But would it ever happen?

If you look at the business model of Minecraft, one of its primary selling points is that once you’ve bought the game, you’ll continue to have it updated with extra features, blocks, modes and general updates. With a game so focused on consistent updates, is a sequel even plausible? Even if Mojang did want to ever create a sequel — which I doubt they would, unless money starts getting a bit thin for them — what new features would they be able to implement to justify people paying for it when they’re already using playing a constantly-updating game?

Many of the fan-created sequel creation show off ‘better’, more high-resolution graphics. But is a graphical renovation really justification of a sequel? Minecraft is not a normal linear game, so unless it can bring something totally new to the table, a sequel remains totally unnecessary — let alone that the game completely revolves around its voxel graphical style and that such a large world would be very difficult to run on any platform with high-definition graphics.

Ignoring the graphical standpoint, what else could be put on the table for a sequel? More blocks and enemies wouldn’t be enough to warrant a sequel given that we receive this already. Without being able to give us a significantly higher level of customization and additional entirely different methods of gameplay, it’s just not going to happen and if we’re given a game that changes the Minecraft formula too much, then that’s a surefire way of pushing away its current audience.

Although unlikely, if Mojang ever want to move away from updating and porting the game to creating a sequel they’re going to find themselves in a very difficult situation. It wouldn’t surprise me if they already know that.


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