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PlayStation 4 Getting Nvidia APEX and PhysX Support

Nvidia PhysXNvidia today announced that their popular PhysX and APEX software development kits will be supported for the PlayStation 4.

What this means is that game designers will be able to use the technology for better collision detection and ragdoll physics, better clothing, bodies and fluids movements and more. In short, this means a more fluid, less glitchy game for us players.

Artists will also be able to create intricate physics environments with this technology. Expanding the quantity and quality of destructible objects, meaning that particle-based fluids and the like (smoke, liquids etc.) can become integral gameplay elements and clothes will move more fluidly — because let’s be honest, even Heavy Rain’s clothing looked incredibly cardboard.

Nvidia’s technology coming to the PlayStation 4 basically helps in boosting games’ interactivity.

Source: All Games Beta


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