Nintendo’s Stock Prices Go Up… Because the Yen Has Gone Down

Nintendo StockNintendo’s stock prices have risen to 10,330 Yen per share (around $110, £73, an increase of 7%) this week. Though this may make you think that this means that things are looking up for the company, unfortunately all it’s really down to is that the Yen has recently weakened.

The weakening of the Yen may mean that the Q4 financials for Nintendo may genuinely see an improvement though, as it means healthier financials for companies that deal with exports like Nintendo.

This may just be a temporary help though, with the low sales of the Wii U potentially incredibly damaging for the company and sparking up debate as to whether Nintendo will result in being this decade’s SEGA and focusing on developing games for other consoles.

Source: VG247


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2 comments on “Nintendo’s Stock Prices Go Up… Because the Yen Has Gone Down

  1. and Sony, always left out like the big N. is doing worst. Sony is almost bankrupt

    • Sony’s primary profits is not their game console endeavor, unlike Nintendo.

      Even if PlayStation ended up making a loss (it’s not currently, it’s still making massive profits) it wouldn’t send Sony bankrupt.

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