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3 Dr. Mario Prototypes Discovered and Available to Play

Dr. Mario PrototypeSome time ago, eBay seller Peanutt42 bought a copy of Dr. Mario for the NES at a local flea market but found something strange about it when they got home. On launch, the game displayed the title ‘Virus’, was dated at 1989 (a year before Dr. Mario’s release) and played like a prototype of the game.

As well as two other prototypes that had been on eBay for a while, Skrybre from the Lost Levels forums has purchased it and uploaded all three as ROMs for everyone to try out. If you love Dr. Mario, Nintendo gaming or just want to see the history behind a game, this should totally intrigue you.

The first two ROMs are versions of the ‘Virus’ prototype, whereas the third is an almost-finalised version of Dr. Mario. Try them out here and check below for screens of the prototypes.


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