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‘The Neverhood’ Creators Making New Point-and-Click Claymation Game

The NeverhoodFor years, fans of the cult-classic PC point-and-click adventure ‘claymation’ game The Neverhood and demanded a revival of the franchise, but due to complications with ownership (EA now own the rights) Doug TenNapel (creator of The Neverhood, Earthworm Jim and Boombots– a personal favourite of mine) has been unable to do anything with regards to the game or any of its assets.

However, that’s fine by him, as he declared that a new game is in development and that he prefers working with fresh ideas anyway. That doesn’t mean that this all-new claymation PC/Mac point-and-click adventure won’t resemble the cult classic — with many of Neverhood’s key staff members behind the new project (animators/artists Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield are on board, in addition to composer Terry Taylor.)

Comprising of an all-new universe with all-new characters but in the same style as The Neverhood, the development team promise to read every suggestion made on their Facebook fan page and to attempt to make all the good ideas happen. This is definitely a project worth keeping an eye open for.

Source: PCGamer


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One comment on “‘The Neverhood’ Creators Making New Point-and-Click Claymation Game

  1. The new game is named Armikrog.! It is on kickstarter now!!!! 😀

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