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Duke Nukem II: Kicking Ass on iOS Soon

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of a game that I grew up loving as a kid, Duke Nukem II is coming to iOS for $1.99 soon. So long as the controls turn out to work well for mobile devices, I’d said that’s more than bloody worth it.

Ported to iOS by Inteceptor Entertainment — the folks that are developing the Rise of the Triad remake — the game comes in ‘256 eye-popping colour’, featuring ‘insane VGA graphics’.

Albeit intended as a joke, 256 colour VGA graphics was all that I needed as a kid and the original Duke Nukem games kept me entertained for years. Let’s hope that Interceptor Entertainment continue reviving my DOS childhood one game at a time. (Hocus Pocus or Pickle Wars remake next, please!)

Source: Ripten


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