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Indie Game of the Day: Pulsus

PulsusI’m always a fan of aesthetically pleasing, beautiful looking and charming games — wrong or right, even if a game lacks any really attractive gameplay aspects or longevity.

Developed by A Villain’s Demise developer Monio Games, this game may be lacking in some areas — the game could do with levels or at least a high score board — but it’s still a beautiful, interesting game and its flaws are forgivable considering it was developed in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2013. I’m sure anyone would be happy to be able to develop pretty games within 48 hours.

Using a 360° gravity engine (likely this one), your pretty neat-looking character jumps between small planets collecting rune-like items under a time limit. Switching between different forms to avoid obstacles, your aim is to attain as many of these runes as possible without dying before your time ruins out; as previously stated though, the game could do with some way of making this feel like it has a purpose, either through adding a high score board or developing levels.

The game was likely inspired by 2Dcube’s similar games Maru, They Need to be Fed and Frozzd — the creator of the engine the game likely used and popular game Karoshi.

See a timelapse of the game’s development below, and download the 43.9MB game for Windows, Mac or Linux here.


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