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Majora’s Mask: Nicolas Cage Edition

Majora's Mask Nicolas CageSo if you’ve ever played The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and tried explaining it someone that hasn’t, I’m sure you’d struggle to find the words to explain to them just how a Zelda game is so fucking mindblowingly terrifying.

Unfortunately, the game just got 100% more terrifying, with modder Criken replacing all the character’s faces with that of Nicolas Cage’s and oh my God this is beyond nightmareish.

Apparently developed with ‘no goal, only Cage’, this texture pack for one of the more disturbing games out there by Criken and friend Shayne unfortunately isn’t yet entirely playable, though they’re looking into releasing a copy when a solution has been found. In the meantime, there’s also this hilariously scary compilation.


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One comment on “Majora’s Mask: Nicolas Cage Edition

  1. > implying majors mask is scary

    > implying so hard

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