Forget the Link figma Figure, Here’s the Real Action Heroes Link Figure

Skyward Sword Real Action Heroes figureWith a figma of The Legend of Zelda‘s Link last year, Zelda fans are lucky enough to treated with another great Link model, courtesy of Medicom’s Real Action Heroes line.

Standing at around 30cm (12in) tall and modeled after his Skyward Sword counterpart, the well-crafted figure will come with real cloth clothing — much like all figures in the Real Action Hero line — with seemingly plastic chain-mail layers, emulating his in-game look perfectly; dare I say it’s actually vastly better than the figma figure that came before him. Packed with multiple accessories — Master Sword, Hylian Shield, bow and arrow and gripping beetle — and alternative rage-face, the figure appears to be super-posable, with its eyes looking like that may be posable too.

With an expected release date this November and pre-orders becoming available on AmiAmi on March 24th, it’ll unfortunately set you back a fair bit if you want it, costing ¥15,800 ($164, £109) for this fine figure. However, if you want a really decent Link figure then saving up for it may not be a bad idea.

Check the gallery below for some sweet pictures of the figure in various poses and pre-order the babe here.

Source: Tomopop


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2 comments on “Forget the Link figma Figure, Here’s the Real Action Heroes Link Figure

  1. I have been a zelda fan since I was four and I beat my first file on OoT when I was 6. From someone who has loved the Zelda series for literally as long as he can remember, it is good to finally see such detail and effort put into a Link figure. Too bad I didn’t see this before I bought the figma figure lol. THIS does our favorite hero justice.

    • I’ve always found there to be something quite elegant about figmas though, so the Link figma certainly isn’t a bad purchase! Have yet to get it myself — I do have the Samus figma, however.

      I’ll probably get this Real Action Heroes Link at some point too as it looks simply gorgeous.

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