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NVIDIA’s Tech Demo Shows the Best Graphics You’ve Ever Seen. No, Really.

nVIDIA tech demoThough we can only see it in 780p instead of 1080p for some silly reason, videos of NVIDIA’S keynote at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) on their Face Works technology using their TITAN graphics cards still give us some amazing things to gawp at.

Although the whole keynote is pretty interesting, it’s this tech demo of a virtual person called Ira that’s truly stunning. If you think you’ve seen realistic graphics, think again; this really almost blows Quantic Dreams’ tech demo out of the water. This wouldn’t be capable of running on anything other than a top-of-the-top of the range PC unfortunately, but it’s still mindblowing to see just how far graphics have come. Check it out at around the 8:30 mark on the video below.


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