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Mega Man 25th Anniversary Figures Revealed (and a New Game in Development?)

Mega Man 25th Anniversary figureCapcom’s ‘World of Capcom’ panel at this weekend’s PAX East Expo gave some various announcements for Mega Man’s 25th anniversary, including new figures, the importation of Japanese art books and even the potential development of a new game.

First off, Mega Man 4 should be released on the 3DS’ Virtual Console on April 25th, Mega Man 5 should be released around May 16th and Mega Man 6 will be released some time in June.

The Mega Buster USB stick is apparently one of the quickest-selling items on the Capcom Unity Store and a line of Japanese art books — including Mega Man R20+ – will be released in the second half of the year.

In figure news, Capcom will release a sweet-looking limited Mega Man figure in Summer at the San Diego Comic-Con; no word on whether it’ll be released outside of the convention yet but it’d be a shame if it isn’t because it looks sweet (first picture in gallery below).

On top of that, a Capcom store-exclusive statue of Mega Man and Mega Man X standing together will be released to celebrate Mega Man X’s upcoming anniversary; a picture of the figure in prototype-stage can be seen below.

Finally – and I suppose most importantly – is that Capcom confirmed that they’re ‘working behind-the-scenes’ on something new for the  Mega Man series after much fan demand, but don’t want to announce anything before they’re sure they have something. I suppose that’s wise considering the hate directed at Capcom after so many Mega Man games have been cancelled shortly after development began in the last few years.

Source: Siliconera


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