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Help Kickstart LGBT Gamers Documentary ‘Gaming in Color’.

GaymersDavid Gil and a team of filmmakers have set up a Kickstarter project page for ‘Gaming in Color‘, a documentary showcasing the stories of LGBT gamers and their experiences in the gaming community and the challenges that face the growing communities of minority gamers.

It’s an interesting subject and it’s strange to think that there’s still a lot of homophobia among the gaming community. As a gay gamer myself (or ‘gaymer’) I’ve never really greatly indulged myself in the gay community, but it’s obviously an important subject matter, with LGBT gamers a part of a growing community — you only need look at the gaymer conventions¬†and groups that have been springing up within the last few years.

Rewards for pledging to the Kickstarter project include name credits, downloads/DVDs of the film, a bundle of LGBT-orientated indie games, an exclusive game from indie developer Anna Anthropy, Anna Anthropy’s book on game design, posters, shirts, being interviewed for the film, private screenings and even being flown to the premier and being taken out for dinner and drinks by the film’s producers.

More importantly than gifts is that this project gets funded so that it can get out there and get seen by people; it’s something I’d personally be intrigued to see and I’m sure many other gamers and non-gamers, LGBT members and non-LGBT members would find it an intriguing watch too.

Help fund and read up on the project here.


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