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Kickstarter: A Beautiful Spiritual Successor to Ecco the Dolphin

The Big Blue gameRemember the 1992 Sega Genesis classic Ecco the Dolphin? Of course you do and that’s why this Kickstarter project will be of great interest to you.

Ed Annunziata and many key team members behind the original Ecco the Dolphin are attempting to fund a spiritual sequel to the charming game via Kickstarter. Titled ‘The Big Blue’, the game has so far only raised $532 of its $665,000 goal, with 34 days remaining. Pledge gifts include game credits, musical scores, access to prototypes during development, character naming rights, signed CDs, special area of the game only accessible to backers, a ‘lifetime subscription to The Big Blue MMO’, invites to the launch party, or one of the two original maquette sculpts.

Intended to look stunning with beautiful artwork, fluid animation and amazing music (by Spencer Nilsen and Bear McCreary), you can try out the sort-of working prototype here; keep in mind, however, that the final game will be better, more immersive, more beautiful and more interesting than this.

The Big Blue will be a ‘massive adventure game’, with gameplay revolving around exploration, quests, collecting and spawning life forms and action puzzle solving; picking the right creature for the right quest is vital as all act differently to different situations and environments. It may be a spirtual sequel to Ecco the Dolphin, but this game’s more about all the creatures and the world itself as opposed to just one creature.

With the game being developed for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android in mind, the developers are going to push to have the game brought to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles once the game is funded.

Check the project and its video out here and be sure to fund it if it sounds like something you’d be interested in playing — I know I will be.


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