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Let’s Hope the PS4 Won’t Have to Do What the Wii U Has Done Recently

Why Wii U leafletIt’s no secret that the Wii U has been struggling to sell the same levels that the Wii managed to achieve and could be suffering the same fate that the GameCube did — after all, it’s not particularly that it’s a bad console, it’s just that it suffers a lack of lots of heavy AAA titles to back it up. Worse still, gamers and non-gamers alike just don’t seem to get it.

With all marketing efforts falling flat so far, Nintendo seems to have gone down a completely different, almost desperate-looking route with this new poster bluntly showing what the Wii U does with a tick-sheet reading ‘Why Wii U?’, followed by a list of things that the Wii U does that the ol’ Wii cannot. Apparently, reminiscent of ‘missing dog’ posters, you can tear away the poster to take home with you to show your family just what the Wii U can do. Or something.

It’s a shame that the Wii U is having such a difficult time marketing their product efficiently, but at least they definitely seem aware of the problem now. If this is all they can come up with to solve it though, then oh dear. Let’s just hope that the other next-gen consoles — the PlayStation 4 and next-Xbox — won’t have to do this sort of desperate marketing to gain the non-gamers understanding.

Check the full poster below and mourn at the state that a good console is in.

Source: Kotaku


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