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Indie Game of the Day: Slayin’

Slayin' Indie GameMmm, I’m a sucker for sexy pixel graphics.

Slayin‘ is a little minx of a game developed by Pixel Licker Games (Knightly of the Dark Forest, Pumpkin Patch.) Played in a relatively small window, the game can either be downloaded or played straight from your browser via the game’s page. A charming little colourful arcade-like game, you control a knight (or later a wizard or knave after reaching certain level milestones) on a quest to beat the living hell out of hordes of enemies.

A basic and simple yet largely entertaining game, your only controls are the arrow keys (to change direction) and the space bar (to jump or select items from a merchant’s store.) If you walk into an enemy with your weapon they’ll take damage; if an enemy walks into your weaponless side, you’ll take damage. Defeating enemies — which switch up as the stages progress and your kill count rises — will earn you gold, which can in turn be used to buy upgrades, health and armour in the aforementioned store.

With interesting bosses on every stage, this game’s an addictive little game with a surprising level of longevity and replayability for a small arcade game — helped greatly by the addition of an in-game and online leaderboard. Slayin was slated for an iOS release at some point in the coming months, but I’m unsure if that still stands seeing as the developer’s blog hasn’t been updated since January. We’ve got in contact with them and will update this accordingly if we get a response.

(Update: After getting in touch with the developer, we’ve been informed that FDG Entertainment will be publishing the game for iPhone and iPad, with this launch trailer claiming an April 4th release)

Download the 5.9MB game for Windows or play it online here.


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