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Indie Game of the Day: Mindless

Mindless indie gameCreated by Amidos, Mindless is one of those rarities in the indie game scene that manages to be an arty game without coming across as pretentious, arrogant or plain-old boring.

Playing as a creature that’s just come across an island split between two factors — the green and red factors — it’s entirely up to you how you choose to manage the state of conflict. You can talk with both of the factor’s kings and decide to side with either (or neither), kill the opposing factor (or don’t) or even kill the neutral creature that welcomed you to the island in the first place.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable game and I found myself playing until I managed to fulfill the requirements of all 12 ‘endings’ that the game has. It’s only a very short game mind, but there’s always a charm to games that make you find all of the possible actions and endings available to you.

A game with metaphors regarding Egypt’s political state, you’ll find that the game doesn’t shove this too far down your throat to irritate people that dislike political points in games, whilst it still retains its core message regarding Egyptian conflict.

Amidos recently compiled a collection of five puzzle games for indie game bundle ‘Bundle in a Box’, so be sure to head over there and make a cheap purchase if you fancy it.

Play the game here via GameJolt and be sure to check out the developers other games here.


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