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Indie Game of the Day: Full Moon Rising

Full Moon RisingYou like your indie platformers with stylish graphics, sweet soundtracks, brilliant boss battles and humour? Well, look no further than DrunkDev’s Full Moon Rising.

Playing as a werewolf currently in his human state, your girlfriend has decided she wants your beastly side ‘all up in this’, giving you ten minutes to find a sacred moon piece that will allow you to transform despite the lack of full moon currently.

Having to avoid drunkerdly men, bats, electric eels and a number of creatures on your incredibly noble mission to get laid for the first time, this recently-released great game has seemingly not been picked up by any indie game coverage sites yet, which is a darn shame considering they’re the same team behind A Man’s Quest and that this game is totally the sort of fun, charming and humourous game you’d expect to headline IndieGames’ blog or FreeIndieGames.

Besides, the indie game scene is severely lacking freeware indie game teams like the good ol’ days of Fendez, Silvernova and Faind. Long live the Drunk Devs!

Download the 17.7MB game for PC here.


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