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SimCity’s First Free DLC… is an Advertisement

SimCity NissanBy visiting either the in-game store or Origin, you can now download the first free DLC for SimCity. What’s that, an EA game and totally free DLC? This makes up for all that controversy surrounding the game a few — oh wait never mind, the DLC is an in-game advertisement.

The free DLC building — a Nissan Leaf charging station — will allow Sims to drive their Nissan Leaf cars in to recharge them, making the Sim happier in the meantime. Without needing any power, water or workers and not creating any garbage or pollution, this building is obviously built to unbalance the game a little to make you want this God-like Mary Sue of a building so that yourself and others watching you play must stare at the massive, emblazoning Nissan logo that will glare at you regardless of how far you zoom out.

Seems like EA and Maxis got jealous of all the attention the GDC and PAX East took away from the SimCity controversy recently. Well, never fear guys, because it’s back now.

Source: PC Gamer


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One comment on “SimCity’s First Free DLC… is an Advertisement

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