The Most Beautiful, Relaxing and Emotional Video Game Music Themes of All Time

(Listen to this with RainyMood on in another tab for an even greater effect of calmness)

Video game music is, in my honest opinion, absolutely integral to the experience of playing a game. Whether it’s mood-setting soft music or upbeat action tunes, the music is there to create the atmosphere that the game’s developers want you to have whilst you play there game. In many cases, video game music can be catchy enough, memorable enough or beautiful enough to warrant players listening to the music separate from playing the game it was created for — and in the case of really beautiful, calming, touching pieces, even be used to help put you asleep or calm your nerves.

So,  here is a playlist of over 150 various video game tracks that will calm you, mellow you out, help you get to sleep or just put you in a really good mood at the start of your day.

(If you feel there’s anything we’ve missed out, drop us a comment and if I think it fits the theme, we’ll add it to the continuously updating playlist above. For now, just relax.)


About Ryan Brown

Commonly going by the alias 'Toadsanime' online, Ryan Brown acts as Coin Arcade's editor and primary writer. With an avid interest in various aspects of gaming -- including general gaming, indie gaming, retro gaming and merchandise collecting -- he aspires to build a career in the video game journalism industry. He also writes his own descriptions as if talking about somebody else, apparently.

7 comments on “The Most Beautiful, Relaxing and Emotional Video Game Music Themes of All Time

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  2. Thank you for putting up all this music Ryan Brown. I really enjoyed listening to all the music you have in this article-most of these games I never played either because I was too young or I wasn’t born yet so again I appreciate you putting up all the music to share it. It really stands out and really speaks to the soul- I just wish more video games would make music a more vital part of their identity like Halo and Zelda do. Anyway, if you have anymore epic music to put up please do, I’m sure everyone would fall in love with this music man- thanks for hearing my point of view.

    • Thanks for the lovely comments, dude!

      This sort of calming video game music is indeed lovely, I’m constantly adding new tracks day by day as I come across new ones or remember old ones.

  3. But my overall favorite song was Deep Sea of Mare-Super Mario Sunshine. Personally, I not only enjoy this song because there’s a subtlety and emotional harmony to it but also because it just reminded me of Super Mario Sunshine itself since I had completely forgotten about it almost until I went to this article and recognized this tune. The game was my very first video game as a gamer and I will never forget it. It’s too bad it was underrated and unappreciated for all the innovation, fun and everything that it brought to be an exceptional experience; I wish Nintendo could do an HD remake of it, if they did I would get it the second it’s available; or they could do a sequel to it that does it justice. I mean Super Mario Galaxy got a sequel so why not Super Mario Sunshine? Hopefully Nintendo innovates with the 3D Mario action title that they announced in January, but anyway I don’t know how anybody really feels about the game, its songs or other songs in this article but feel free to just give a comment on my opinion or point something out maybe I didn’t say, but thanks for listening whoever is reading this article.

  4. Love this! Makes me want to play some of these games! And the added effect of Rainy Mood is just wonderful! Thanks so much for posting this!

    • Glad you enjoyed it – I still listen to the playlist myself with Rainy Mood quietly on in the background to relax me.

      I’ll make sure none of the videos have been deleted and update it.

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