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Maverick Hunter: The Mega Man X FPS that Capcom Cancelled

Mega Man FPSRemember how successful Metroid Prime was after its creator took a dying platformer franchise and turned it into an FPS game?

Well, gaming site Polygon has uncovered that Armature Studio — a developer formed of ex-Retro Studios (AKA Metroid Prime’s developers) staff — had been working with Capcom since 2010 to create a Mega Man X FPS, titled ‘Maverick Hunter’.

Set to be to the Mega Man franchise what Prime was to the Metroid franchise, the game would’ve kept the weapon stealing abilities of the games, the robot villain aspect and some platforming elements. Adi Granov, designer of the Iron Man movie armour, had designed the new armour for the game’s character; from the five videos on Polygon alone, the game feels like a cross between Metroid Prime and Vanquish. If you’ve not familiar with either of those games, I can tell you that that combination is not a bad thing.

Unfortunately, with only a prototype developed, Capcom cancelled the project along with pretty much every other Mega Man game being developed at the time – Mega Man Universe, Mega Man Online and Mega Man Legends 3 have all since been cancelled – which is thought to be due to the departure of Mega Man’s producer, Keiji Inafune.

Gritty reboots of franchises can either take the brilliant Metroid Prime turn or the terrible, terrible Bomberman Act: Zero turn, so it’s hard to tell whether the game would’ve actually been any good or not. Personally, I would’ve loved the chance to find out if it were good or not myself as the idea sort-of intrigues me. Perhaps I’m just blinded by my love of Mega Man and Metroid Prime though.

Source: Polygon


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One comment on “Maverick Hunter: The Mega Man X FPS that Capcom Cancelled

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