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Miyamoto Plans on Making Games Until He Dies

Miyamoto DeadShigeru Miyamoto recently told Rolling Stone in an interview that he enjoys working at Nintendo so much that he can only see himself making games for the rest of his life.

Often asked about retirement plans, Miyamoto goes on to to say ”I’m at an age where as I look around at people who work in different companies and they’re all reaching an age where they’re thinking about retirement, I guess people might expect me to be thinking of retiring.”

“But at the same time, I look at the work that I’m doing, and the fun that I’m having – this is something that I can still continue to do for a long time. You know, possibly until I die.”

Even with plans to continue making games until he dies, he’s still rational about his age and is working hard to make sure that Nintendo can continue to have a successful future with him gone.

Source: Rolling Stone


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One comment on “Miyamoto Plans on Making Games Until He Dies

  1. It’s good to see someone who really loves his craft…but when he finally leaves Nintendo…who do they have to make great games?

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