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Every gamer remembers the very first game they ever played. Whether the game is good or bad it’s always the “special” one, the one you can always go back to and find some nostalgic magic. I remember when I was six years old, it was Christmas day and I was spending it at my Grandparent’s house, both of whom are avid gamers. I was walking down the corridor when from the living room came the loud sounds of shotgun blasts and monstrous roars. I went in and saw my cousins sitting tightly round the small television. As I got closer I saw a marvel on screen. Two zombies and a demon in a dark room being blown away by the gun wielding hands the player’s see from the first person perspective. I sat down to play and was instantly hooked.

After the first play through it was almost like I NEEDED this game. So after a couple days of begging and pleading my parents decided to buy me my first Playstation and DOOM to go with it.

DOOM became my life for a while. I’d almost never leave my room and the waking hours were spent playing the game. Even to this day if I find myself playing I have to play for hours. I just think the whole game is beautiful. Everything about DOOM seems to hit the right notes for me. The level design is beyond imagine, with tight corridors with eerie colours to huge loud rooms filled with various different enemies, the monster designs were jaw dropping at times and the arsenal of weapons led to hours of fun.

DOOM CyberdemonOne of the things that strikes me most about DOOM is the sheer size of the game. I’ve spent many a play through forgetting where I have to go and back tracking, the game is huge with great map layouts and settings. The whole thing is immersion at it’s finest, it literally feels like you’ve been thrown into the world. Co-designer of DOOM, John Romero once said “There was never a name for the DOOM marine because it’s supposed to be YOU” and it does feel like that. It’s one of those rare games series where I’m constantly playing the games over and over, no matter what mood I’m in I am always up for some DOOM.

Throughout my life I’ve kept up with the series playing every game available and having a growing love for each one (Even the mobile games DOOM RPG and DOOM II RPG would be the source of many flat batteries). The one that made me fall head over heels in love again was DOOM 3. Now, when it comes to horror games the thing I like the most is the idea of constant danger, not being able to fend for yourself and being in situations you can’t get out of. DOOM 3 is almost the opposite, playing as a hardened space marine with a huge arsenal of weapons but it just did something for me. The redesigned characters look AMAZING and the game’s lighting and shadows blow me away to this very day.
DOOM 3 BFGI’m itching to get my hands on the BFG edition but after playing it a couple times I’ve found one thing wrong with it. What the hell is wrong with the mounted flash light? It may seem to make sense to be able to light your way whilst holding a weapon, illuminating the dark corridors whilst blasting away enemies but it doesn’t seem right to me. Do you remember when you first played DOOM 3? Think back to it. You’d hear a moan from one of the dark shadows and turn round with your flash light in hand to be confronted by a zombie. You’d switch to your trusty gun and blast blindly into the shadows until you knew the bastard was dead. Some of the most tense moments in the game are based around switching between flash light and shooting and it really does suck that it’s gone but I digress.

It’s not only my first game but it’s also my favourite. I have no complaints. It’s perfect. There maybe better games out, hell there are probably better ID software games but DOOM is always going to be the one for me. The special one.


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