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Love PS1 RPGs? Say Hello to Upcoming Game ‘TBT: The Black Tower’

TBT The Black TowerYou like tasty PS1-era RPGs with great battle mechanics, giant swords and a Final Fantasy feel? Say hello the the big and beautiful indie RPG TBT: The Black Tower.

Many JRPGS ┬álike Final Fantasy VIII and Jade Cocoon consumed my childhood, so I’ve always been particularly fond of PlayStation 1-styled RPG titles and the idea of one being developed just like those intrigues the heck out of me. In development for PC/Mac by Simon Mesnard and his developer partner, the game is intended to compliment his previously released game ASA: A Space Adventure and will be crowdfunded in May via Kickstarter in order to get the ball rolling. (The game’s already up for voting on Steam Greenlight so be sure to hit it up.)

A turn-based RPG, everything from the overworld to the camera angles to the dialogue boxes to the running animations utterly nails the feel of an old-school early 3D RPG and if it’s something you grew up with you’ll immediately notice how spot-on the feel of the game is already, even in its work-in-progress stages. The story sounds typically RPG-ish — you play as a forest ranger in the year 2032 in an attempt to save the planet, later bonding with a girl that’s fallen from the sky. Obviously.

The battle mechanics feature the ability to have up to three fighters and three supporters within one battle — basically, the primary three fighters have the typical attack/magic/etc. options, but you’ll be able to assign three different supporters to your team that will have a special ‘support command that can be used during battle for various effects. It’s a slight twist to a beloved formula, which is sensible as most decent modern RPGs (looking at Lost Odyssey, Ni no Kuni and Eternal Sonata here) have ever-so-slightly edited the basics in order to keep it fresh, and frankly, that works wonders.

Check out the trailer below and keep up with us for updates on this sexy fiend of a game. (Source:


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