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MOTHER 3 Fan Translation Offered for Free to Nintendo

Professional anime and video game translator Clyde Mandelin took to releasing a fan translation patch for MOTHER 3 — sequel to MOTHER 2, als0 known as Earthbound — back in 2008 alongside a group of experienced MOTHER players and translators. What with Nintendo recently announcing that Earthbound will be coming to the Virtual Console, Clyde decided now was a good time to try reaching out to Nintendo regarding an official localisation.

Offering his services for free, Clyde just wants to see the game officially localised — he doesn’t seem to much care for compensation or credit, he just finally wants the game out there in the Western world and knowing that budget concerns regarding localisation may be one of the primary issues preventing that from happening. He’s even offered to edit his current fan translation for Nintendo for free to suit whatever their needs may be, if necessary.

If Earthbound‘s Virtual Console release is successful and fans cry out for its sequel to also be released, it’d be almost silly of Nintendo to not at least consider this offer — after all, with the localisation virtually done for them at no cost, there’d really be no potential of a loss for the company. Heck, even if it weren’t to make a profit it may be a worthy cause just to please fans.


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