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Mega Man Unlimited Trailer (A Fan Game So Good, It May as Well Be Official)

Mega Man UnlimitedI don’t care who you are or what you say, old-school Mega Man games are good and it’s a darn shame the series is more-or-less dead these days. Thankfully, the spirit of the franchise is kept alive by its hardcore fanbase and we’ve been treated to a string of fantastic fan-created games these past few years — some, like the free Street Fighter x Mega Man game, have even been totally embraced and made official by Capcom.

It’s with great joy then I inform you of the newly released trailer below for Mega Man Unlimited, a fan game in the making for four years that’s so convincingly classic Mega Man that Capcom somehow got confused and used assets of for the official Mega Man 10 website several years back. Whoops!

Created by Phillippe Poulin, think of this as an unofficial Mega Man 10 — with some great new Robot Masters, mini-bosses, power-ups and level designs, if you’re dying for a new Mega Man installment this should satisfy your needs. Watch the trailer developed in celebration of the game entering testing stage below.

(Credit: Destructoid)

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