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Planetary Annihilation Livestream Shows Early Gameplay & Mind-Blowing Features

If you grew up in the 90s and on PC games, you should remember Total Annihilation — a fantastic RTS game and the first with 3D terrain and units — a game that I personally plunged hundreds of hours into as a child. With spiritual successor Supreme Commander released in 2007, the majority of the same team again came together to develop another fantastic, groundbreaking RTS, thanks to funding via Kickstarter.

Titled Planetary Annihilation and with a Q2 release schedule, I’ve been looking forward to this myself from the get-go — I loved RTS games like Total Annihilation and Red Alert as a kid and this team’s new game is looking fantastic. Even though the above footage shown in a recent livestream from developers Uber Entertainment is pre-alpha stage and not representative of the final product by any means, the game is still looking gooooood and I hope it’ll pull me in just like their original RTS game did.

With Total Annihilation’s narrator returning (he also voiced Sniper in Team Fortress 2), the game looks like a complete game-changer for the genre. With a ridiculously brilliant replay feature tentatively titled ‘Chrono Cam’ and with a unique planet-based environment, zooming out to view the combat looks intuitive and brilliant; it’s a very natural feeling fresh take on the RTS genre and one that looks to work so well that you’d not be surprised to see it become a genre standard. We’ll keep you posted on the game’s development!


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