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Check Out This Cannibalicious ‘Surgeon Simulator 2013’ Cake!

If you’ve never played Surgeon Simulator 2013, it’s best described as QWOP but with heart transplant operations. If you’ve never played QWOP, just know that both games are designed to be humorously difficult to control and in the case of Surgeon Simulator, more often than not results in the death of your patient. Not all that surprising when you bash the poor man’s ribcage in with a hammer and sloppily drop a new heart (and your watch because y’know, organs are also concerned with timekeeping) in their open chest.

This physics-based game has been massively successful and garnered a lot of attention simply because it’s damn funny. To commemorate this fact, the team have had a special Surgeon Simulator cake made and it looks about as disturbing as the game itself. Disturbingly tasty!

I’d eat the heck out of that.

(Source: Reddit)

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