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Three Ridiculously Awesome Mass Effect Replicas Up for Pre-Order

me_paladin--3There are great video game replicas and then there are really great video game replicas. Thankfully, these upcoming Mass Effect replicas from replica specialist TriForce belong to the latter category.

Having developed pieces on Mass Effect, Batman Arkham City, Darksiders II and Gears of War licenses in the past, the pieces TriForce develop are beyond high-quality pieces and thus are unfortunately very limited and moderately expensive.

First up are the M-6 Carnifex and M-77 Paladin pistol replicas and my God, are they complete beauts. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll drool over just how amazing these look. The detail and craftsmanship goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen in a replica before, which probably warrants the $400 price points given to each. Both pistols are handpainted with LED features and at lengths of 12.5 inches each and weighing 7 pounds, they’re hefty yet beautiful pieces. With Q3 2013 release dates set, the M-6 is limited to 500 pieces worldwide whilst the M-77 is limited to 200 pieces worldwide, so if you have money to splash around and want one for yourself the $100 deposit pre-order may be a wise option to take.

Alternatively, TriForce are also showing off a Geth Pulse Rifle replica; measuring at 33 inches in length and weighing 20 pounds (and also handpainted and with LED effects, of course) this replica signifies everything that TriForce does. It’s big, it’s bloody beautiful and looks to be taken straight out of the game. At 500 pieces worldwide, the Geth Pulse Rifle is set for a Q1 2014 release and comes in at a whopping $750, with the option of making a $187.50 deposit to secure your piece.

They’re three fantastic pieces and judging by their previous works, they’re going to be among the very best available video game replicas on the market. Oddly, I can’t determine if any of the replicas come with stands of some sort and the costs are excluding shipping costs. Still, even for most of us that could never possibly afford these, they’re certainly a pretty sight. Check the gallery below for some shots of each product and hit the links if you feel up for ordering one.


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One comment on “Three Ridiculously Awesome Mass Effect Replicas Up for Pre-Order

  1. You know I want those.

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