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Indie Game of the Day: Undercolor Agents

Paul Greasley (Farmergnome), creator of the upcoming big indie release Under the Ocean, has always made eye-catchingly colourful games. Look at Happy Little Murder Friends and A Fistful of Gun and you’ll see colour and charm whipped around like Willow Smith whips her hair back and forth. Only, you know, less ‘there’s a heart shaped in your hair, love’ and more ‘this looks very pleasing.’

That’s why I was pleased to see that he’d made an entry for the recent Ludum Dare 26 competition; with the 48-hour competition theme set as minimalism, Paul Greasley created the arena shooter Undercolor Agents and it’s more than a little bit beautiful. A game that anyone would be proud to create in 48 hours, (though the post-competition update features some small tweaks and a music score by Surasshu) you play as an agent investigating some mischievous colour hues. Or something.

With up to eight players able to plays via the game’s Joypad support, the game is laid out pretty well, looks colourful and attractive and plays reasonably well. The trailer makes the game feel more fast-paced than the first few levels actually feel, but the game picks up and I suppose every game needs a learning curve; that said, I still found myself dying a few times early on which was a pity, though with the game made playable for up to eight players I guess playing on your own will sort-of be like that sometimes. Still, it’s certainly an enjoyable game and it’s great to see charming games come out of Ludum Dare, because heck knows I’m all about the charming games.

Download the 11.3MB game for PC here.


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