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‘The Brothers Rapture’, a BioShock Short Film

After releasing a teaser of the 17-minute short fan movie a few days ago, the team comprised of Vancouver film students have today released their full BioShock fan-film. Showing who the citizens of underwater haven Rapture were before it collapsed on itself and became populated by Splicers,  the film follows brothers Charles and Arthur exploring the morality of using plasmids.

The fan film is great considering its low-budget — and I do mean low budget — and sets the tone reasonably well (even though it can come across as very noticeably scripted at times.) It’d be interesting to see how a full-length BioShock will turn out if the team were to now attempt to fund one via Indiegogo/Kickstarter.

It’d also be interesting to see a blockbuster BioShock film, though strangely fan films have found better fan reception (such as this Portal one) than pretty much any movie based on a video game has done.


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One comment on “‘The Brothers Rapture’, a BioShock Short Film

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