Indie Game of the Day: Je Suis Pierre the Movie: The Game

Je Suis Pierre The Movie - The Game 2Je Suis Pierre (full title ‘Je Suis Pierre The Movie: The Game, for some reason) is a ‘Castlevania inspired’ game by FourShadowGames — though I suppose the yellow-suited pink guy above talking about his kinda jam wouldn’t have you believe that.

Only very recently uploaded to indie game site Gamejolt, the game is set in 1793 and plays as a typical sidescroller hack n’ slash game, although the villain that you’re heading towards is taunting you on the screen below the one you’re playing on throughout. As a blue humanoid thing, you slash your way through the guards and slide under obstacles using very basic controls, though unfortunately one hit means your death.

Honestly, it’s a simple game with occasionally buggy minor collision detection issue and some fairly major playability issues, but it immediately jumped out at me whilst scrolling through recent Gamejolt uploads; it’s worth a play for sure and heading towards the mocking man as he taunts you sort-of gives off a mildly epic vibe for some reason, but even if you don’t much enjoy it I can assure you that there’s promise here. Perhaps not necessarily with this game, but I can be certain that FourShadowGames will pump out something nigh-on brilliant some day in the future.

Also: I can’t help but feel interested by the tweet ‘working on our new game with moustaches’ that was posted on their Twitter account back in March. If this was the game they were referring to, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting higher levels of moustache.

Download this 56.6MB game for PC, Mac or Linux or play it online here.


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2 comments on “Indie Game of the Day: Je Suis Pierre the Movie: The Game

  1. “Honestly, it’s a simple game with occasionally buggy minor collision detection issue and some fairly major playability issues” and “It’s worth a play, for sure,” are the only examples of actual review content in this post.

    • Be that true (and perhaps should be noted in future), the intent is only to highlight the game, not give an in-depth review of it. You’ll notice the game isn’t categorized as a review on the site or on anywhere that it’s been posted.

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