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Seven Gaming Channels You Should Totally Subscribe To

wreckin' itWe live in an age where almost anyone can record themselves playing a videogame and put the footage up on a website for anyone to watch. We also, thankfully, live in a world where people can be funny. Thus, on the Venn diagram of “people who play videogames”, “funny people” and “people who upload things to youtube”, there is a fairly significant crossover. This list is a brief examination of that crossover, showing off a few of my favourite videogame-related content creators.

They’re not in any particular order – they’re all different, and pretty much incomparable, and thus putting them in an order of best to worst would be pretty damned silly on my part. I’ve also included videos that I believe best represents the kind of content you can expect from them if you subscribe. Anyway: without further ado, I present to you seven gaming-based YouTube channels that you should totally go ahead and subscribe to.

Criken – criken2

Though perhaps not as vocal as the directors of most other videogame-based channels, Criken’s videos are centred around a unique brand of situational humour and spot-on editing that never fails to raise a smile and / or cause a serious laughing fit. Criken has also proven himself to actually be fairly skilled at the games he’s playing, and some of the humour in his videos comes from the fact that he’s generally a lot better at the game than the other players, and ridiculously modest about his skills, especially when facing off against other famous YouTube gamers.

Birgirpall – birgirpall

Icelandic in nationality, Birgirpall first came to light after uploading a series of hilarious Battlefield 3 videos, in which he’d grief the other team simply by being better than them at the game. And by crashing helicopters into camping snipers, sneaking up behind huge groups of enemies and blowing them up with C4, and stabbing people in their throats. These videos, including “Operation Dickhead” and “Operation Douchebag” (there may or may not be a pattern here) are interspersed with other videos focussing on the dialogue between Birgirpall and the people he’s playing with, as well as videos where he attempts to play newly released games. One of his most recent videos at the time of writing, “I Broke Surgeon Simulator 2013”, features possibly the most hilarious dick joke you’ll ever encounter in a YouTube video. Seriously.

Spike and Barley – NewfZ

While most other gaming channels play either newly released games or focus on one or two regular games, Spike and Barley first shot to fame playing the Half Life 1 modification “Afraid of Monsters”. Their playthrough of the Director’s Cut, where the owner of the server turned up and acted as the sadistic antagonist hell-bent on frightening the fuck out of the pair, was equally spooky as it was hilarious. Their channel mostly consists of multi-part forays into horror games like Silent Hill or mods like Black Snow, along with some wildcards (the Hunter Simulator 2008 being a particularly funny episode). If you like horror games, and like watching people scared shitless even more, then definitely check them out.

Videogamedunkey – videogamedunkey

As far as I know, Videogamedunkey is a relatively obscure content creator. While a large number of his videos are centred around League of Legends, his other videos can’t be accused of being too samey. My favourite videos of his are his hilariously (yet intentionally) inaccurate Halo Recap videos, in which he “helpfully” attempted to retell the story of the first three Halo games in the months leading up to the release of Halo 4. Seriously, I must’ve watched the entire trilogy through at least eight times by this point. If you enjoy dumb comedy and immature voices, go check his videos out.

Brutalmoose – brutalmoose

A relatively new content creator drawing inspiration from classic video-makers like the Angry Videogame Nerd and JonTron, Brutalmoose’s combination of slapstick real-life sections, game footage and voiceovers, as well as a ridiculous amount of editing, will be familiar to any gamer who’s been on the internet in recent years. But with this kind of video, it’s 50% the content, 50% the content creator. Brutalmoose is likeable, well spoken, and perhaps a little more subdued than the more excitable alternatives, which gives his videos, in my opinion, a slightly more chilled, laid-back atmosphere. Definitely worth subscribing to.

Nerd Cubed – OfficialNerdCubed

Probably the most famous British gaming channel after TotalBiscuit, NerdCubed is opinionated, funny, thoughtful, and entertaining to watch. While he does seem to go a bit overboard on the indie games every now and then, he also devotes a lot of time to ripping into broken AAA titles that probably shouldn’t be getting 20 minutes of your attention, let alone being allowed to exist in the first place. There’s a lot of diversity to the content on NerdCubed’s channel too – permadeaths, user-submitted challenges, co-op featuring his dad (who, due to popular demand, now has his own gaming channel), and complete playthroughs of games are all on offer, and all entertaining.

Roosterteeth – roosterteeth + LetsPlay

Known internet-wide as the creators of Red vs Blue, and with a whole heap of YouTube-based content coming from their Achievement Hunter team, including achievement guides, Easter Egg videos and Let’s Plays, Rooster Teeth recently moved the latter over to a completely standalone channel, called simply LetsPlay. How no one thought of registering that username, I don’t know, but they’ve got the channel, and they’re using it to upload one video each weekday. They also have a huge backlog of videos over on their official roosterteeth channel, with enough content there to keep you sated for a couple hours every week, with videos like their famous Friday Minecraft let’s plays sometimes being up to half an hour in length.­­


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One comment on “Seven Gaming Channels You Should Totally Subscribe To

  1. Nerdcubed in particular is pretty big with the PC Sim game market and he has, to my shame, made me stay up all night watching a series.
    Nice piece though, well written.

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