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LEGO Xbox 360 Disc-Changing Carousel. Apparently Now a Thing.

Although uploaded by then 15-year-old Youtuber Zwenkka in January, this is only now making its rounds around the internet — but what is it, I hear those of you who have yet to click the video above ask? It’s a damned LEGO carousel that changes Xbox 360 discs, that’s what it is.

Asking ‘why’ is a completely different question of course, but when it comes down to LEGO-based convenience, we don’t ask silly questions like ‘why’. We just stare in amazement/confusion/go do something else.

Taking an average of 42 seconds to change the disc inside the Xbox 360 for any of the alternative discs on-board the LEGO carousel (that was an odd sentence), the┬ámechanised┬ácontraption takes out discs and puts in new ones — and, let’s be honest, that 42 seconds saved could be used for something priceless. Like, I don’t know, building a LEGO rollercoaster that brings you over to the fridge and back.

(Source: Geekologie)

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