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Indie Game of the Day: MUBIC

Created for the Ludum Dare 26 competition with the given theme of ‘minimalism’, MUBIC is one of about 100-or-so of the 2000+ entries that immediately caught my eye, if not just because of its slick, sexy and minimalistic look. Just from the prototype video above and the game’s screenshots alone, you can instantly tell that this game was this theme done right. It’s an exciting theme that gave way for a lot of creativity, so it’s nice to see that a handful of entries took the opportunity to create something aesthetically gorgeous.

Seemingly created by a little-known indie developer (going by the name SkyBreaker, or as simply Hadyn), MUBIC is both minimalistic and complex at the same time. It take a truly open mind to appreciate exactly what this game entails and although it’s not for everyone and involves a lot of fiddling about and perhaps some mild frustration, it truly is a game worth your time.

Created in about 14 hours using Unity 4 Pro, MUBIC is a minimalistic experimental game that consists entirely of ‘a musical experience with a cube’. Using only the mouse’s left button, part of the experience of the game is apparently to investigate for yourself what your aim is. If you don’t mind that being spoiled for you, then this game is as simple as any typical¬†memory pattern game yet somehow also more difficult; with the cube not appearing transparent, you are given audio cues as well as visual cues as to which side of the cube needs to be clicked on next, requiring you to memorise where each tone is on the cube as well as the pattern.

Picture an aesthetically pleasing Simon game where the buttons aren’t easily visible to you and you more-or-less have this game. It’s an interesting and pretty experience, though admittedly it requires a great deal of time, focus and probably some basic ability to identify pitches and melodies. It’s both an¬†auditory and visuo spatial memory game, making it a true example of how to make a complex yet minimalistic game. In that sense, it’s quite genius, really.

Download this 35.3 MB game or play it online here.


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