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Don Mattrick: Only 5% of Players Play Previous-Generation Games on New Hardware

Don Mattrick Xbox One
Discussing the matter of the lack of backwards-compatibility¬†with Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business president Don Mattrick (seen at yesterday’s Xbox One reveal) explained why he believes the lack of Xbox 360 game support for the Xbox One was not as big a deal as social media backlash has made out it to be.

With the Xbox One not cross-platform able or backwards-compatible with Xbox 360 physical or digital games, (though achievements, avatars and general Xbox LIVE profiles will be) many have expressed their discern for the lack of support online, though Don Mattrick has said “if you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.” Later stating that only 5 percent of players play previous-generation titles on new hardware, it’s unsure if this was an on-the-spot assumed statistic or one based on a survey; social media reaction would have us believe that this is certainly something that people want.

Unfortunately, the reality is that for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, emulating the previous-gen consoles on the system has proven rather difficult considering how entirely different the systems are.

(Source: WallStreetJournal)

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